BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Hair Rollers - Black

How to use BaByliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers


Curl, wave and coil your hair with BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Hair Rollers, a compact heated roller set with 20 fast-curl ceramic hot rollers. Helping you to achieve silver-screen worthy locks, the thermo rollers deliver high-heat performance with variable temperature control to create the desired curl effect with a smooth, sleek finish.

Combining small, medium and large rollers, each size creates a different look; whether you desire big, bouncy waves or tight, defined curls. The rollers have cool ends so you can roll without any burning mishaps.

Complete with 10 super clips and 20 metal pins to secure in place. - K.N.

Top Tips:

Small Rollers: Use on short to medium length hair to create body or a tight curl. Use around the nape of the neck and around the face.
Medium Rollers: Use on medium to long hair to create full and bouncy curls.
Large Rollers: Use on medium to long hair to add volume or create loose curls and waves.

The tightness and hold of the curl is determined by the length of time the roller is left in the hair. After several uses, you will establish the best timing for your desired curl type.

For long-lasting, defined curls: Leave rollers in the hair for a longer period of time before removing, or until the rollers have completely cooled.
For soft, glamorous waves: Leave rollers in the hair for a shorter period of time.


  • 20 thermo-ceramic rollers.
  • 8 large, 6 medium and 6 small rollers.
  • 10 super clips.
  • 20 metal pins.
  • High temperature performance.
  • 2 heat settings for different hair types.
  • Heat ready indicator dot.
  • On indicator light.
  • 1.85m cord.
  • 3 year guarantee.


  • BaByliss
  • The rollers can be used on damp or dry hair.

    • Place the appliance on a level, heatproof surface. Do not open the lid at this time.
    • Turn the appliance on by sliding the switch to either the ‘I’ or ‘II’ position, depending on the hair type.
    • One roller has a ‘heat ready dot’ on top. The ready dot will turn from red to white, indicating optimum temperature has been reached and the rollers are ready to use.
    • Open the lid and begin to style the hair.
    • Comb the hair thoroughly and choose one of the 3 sizes of rollers.
    • Start placing the rollers at the top of the head and work down towards the nape of the neck.
    • Secure the roller with one of the clips or metal pins provided.
    • Once you have used all the rollers and finished styling, turn off the unit by sliding the switch back to the “0” position.
    • To remove the rollers from the hair, gently hold the roller in one hand and remove the clip or metal pin with the other. Slowly unroll the roller, being careful not to pull the hair as you unwind. Once the hair is loose from the roller, let it bounce back up.
    • Let the hair cool so the curl can ‘set’, then style the hair as desired.

    Once the unit has cooled down, replace all the clips and rollers back in the unit and close the lid. Allow the appliance to cool down completely before storing away.

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BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Hair Rollers - Black

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BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Hair Rollers - Black