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Mr Natty Ace Fighter Pilot Care Package


Mr Natty introduce the Ace Fighter Pilot Care Package; a four-piece grooming collection dedicated to cleansing, hydrating and revitalising skin, whilst allowing you to achieve a comfortable shave every time. Presented in a branded brown box.

The Set Contains:

Shave Oil (30ml)
A lightweight formula that allows your razor to glide effortlessly over skin with minimised friction. Infused with a blend of Peppermint, Olive and Bergamot, the scented oil soothes, protects and hydrates skin, whilst softening facial hair to prepare for a smooth shave. Prevents nicks and burns and leaves you feeling revitalised all day long.

Shipwreck Soap (100g)
Handmade and traditionally cold-pressed, the soap gently cleanses the face and body. With a natural glycerin base, the kind-to-skin bar melts away impurities without over-drying skin, whilst delivering a masculine fragrance blended from Vetiver, Patchouli and Cocoa. Can be used as a shave soap, shampoo or emergency deodorant when applied dry.

Silver Label Shave Soap (80ml)
A 100% natural, solid shave soap infused with real silk fibres to aid in a cleaner shave. Transforming into a rich, creamy lather on your beard, the soap creates a luxurious base for the blade to glide through; its real silk fibres hydrate and hold in moisture to promote a closer, smoother shave. Infused with an invigorating lime and peppermint fragrance.

Pleasant Pucker Lip Salve (10ml)
Treat dry, chapped lips to the benefits of Pleasant Pucker Lip Salve. Enriched with Rosemary, the lip balm deeply hydrates, nourishes and conditions to reveal super soft, incredibly smooth lips. Ideal for use on-the-go, the compact tin fits perfectly into your pocket so you can apply as required.

Made in England


  • Mr Natty
  • Shave Oil 30ml / Soap 100g / Shave Soap 80ml / Lip Salve 10ml

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Mr Natty Ace Fighter Pilot Care Package

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Mr Natty Ace Fighter Pilot Care Package