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Rio GO Laser Home Hair Removal


The Rio Go Laser Hair Remover is a efficient way of removing hair on your face, underarms, legs, chest, back and bikini line for longer. The tool features a laser beam that tackles the hair follicle with enough energy to permanently disable the root without affecting the surrounding area. Working to achieve permanent hair reduction the hair remover is simple to use - just plug in and go to leave your skin feeling smoother. -SA

Directions of use:

  • Use +/- to select the correct power level for your skin type (refer to the power level guide)
  • Select the treatment mode (either scan mode or single hair mode)
  • Place the unit onto the skin over the area you wish to treat ensuring the touch pins are in contact with the skin
  • When correctly positioned the blue treatment will illuminate
  • Press and hold the treatment button to start the laser treatment. The blue treatment light will flash on and off to indicate laser treatment is in progress and the unit will beep repeatedly.
  • When the laser treatment is complete, the blue treatment light will stay illuminated.
  • You can now move onto the next area of hairs to be treated, the touch pins must be removed briefly from the skin.
  • When you have completed your treatment, turn off and lock with the security key.


  • Clinically tested
  • Permanently disables hair root
  • Treats up to 60* hairs in a few seconds
  • 808nm pulsed laser

Treatment modes:
Go Laser has 2 different laser hair removal treatment modes:

  • Scan mode – for larger areas of hair removal: A small indentation will be left by pressing the unit down on the skin. Overlapping the indentation mark slightly with each treatment will ensure effective coverage of the treatment area.
  • Single hair mode – ideal for individual problem hairs: The single hair mode treats a small area making it ideal for individual, problem hairs.


  • Laser hair removal is not suitable for Afro-Caribbean, black skin complexions or for grey hair.
  • Laser hair removal should not cause discomfort, you may feel individual hairs being treated, which is like a mild pin prick, and a slight warming of the area.
  • If you feel any discomfort or soreness the setting may be too high.
  • Inbuilt safety features protect the eye being exposed to the laser, however, never aim the unit at or near eyes.
  • Reflection Hazard: Please remove all jewellery in the vicinity of the treatment area before use.
  • Do not use after drinking alcohol or if you are feeling unwell or fatigued.
  • Do not treat the following areas: tattoos, permanent make-up, pimples, warts, hair on black spots or moles, dark freckles, skin disease, birth marks, burns, lips, nipples, genital or anal areas, eczema, eyelashes, eyebrows, near the eyes, nasal or ear hair.


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Rio GO Laser Home Hair Removal

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Rio GO Laser Home Hair Removal