BAKEL THIO-C Revitalizing Glowing Serum (10x3ml)


Achieve bright, younger looking skin with BAKEL THIO-C Revitalizing Glowing Serum. Fortified with a synergy of natural actives, the anti-ageing formula works to unify skin's tone and smooth out any unwanted lines and wrinkles. Instantly brightening the skin, the illuminating formula combines vitamin C powder with antioxidant glutathione to revitalise and firm the complexion, resulting in reduced wrinkles - including unruly fine lines around the lips and delicate eye area. Promising to restore vitality, the glowing serum will eliminate dull and uneven tone caused by sun exposure and pollution.

BAKEL utilise 100% natural active ingredients in all of their products, ensuring whatever touches your skin is good, natural and pure. With no perfumes, alcohol, artificial colours, preservatives or animal derivatives, every BAKEL treatment is dermatologically tested and boasts minimal allergy risk. Built upon a strong foundation of objective confirmed and scientifically proven formulas, BAKEL products are suitable for all skin types and fight against the main causes of skin-ageing. - K.N.


    • Lift the flap, dispose of the white part of the cap
    • Fully press the red dispenser containing the pure vitamin C powder and shake well until the powder is completely mixed with the liquid
    • Use morning and evening within 3 days of mixing

    Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Sign the opening date for your freshest vitamin C.

  • INCI and Benefits:
    Hamamelis virginiana water = Soothing, anti-oxidant
    Ascorbic acid = Anti-oxidant, glowing
    Glycerin = Hydrating
    Glutathione = Anti-oxidant, glowing
    Hydroxyethylcellulose = Emollient
    Ethyl lauroyl arginate HCl = Emollient

  • 30ml

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BAKEL THIO-C Revitalizing Glowing Serum (10x3ml)

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BAKEL THIO-C Revitalizing Glowing Serum (10x3ml)