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The easy to use MICRO Pedi is a truly innovative electronic device that removes hard, rough, and cracked skin on the feet. The unique roller spins 360° at an amazing 30 times a second, to safely, gently and effectively buff away hard, rough skin on the soles and heels, giving immediate, lasting results and beautiful feet. With 5 star ratings, rave reviews and multiple beauty awards, the MICRO Pedi range now also includes: • MICRO Pedi MAN – designed specifically for men. MICRO Pedi MAN comes with a super-coarse micro-mineral roller for rough male skin. • MICRO Pedi PROFESSIONAL – a professional quality rechargeable pedicure device which delivers salon quality results in seconds. • The MICRO Pedi Manicure/Pedicure Kit for nail care on hands and feet (for use in combination with all MICRO Pedi branded units). • Micro Pedi Ultra Finishing Foot cream designed to provide the finishing touches to the perfect pedicure. • A choice of micro-mineral replacement rollers of varying coarseness.